9th Symposium Design and Research in Architecture and Landscape [11-13/04/2019, Hannover, Germany] Call for papers

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Πέμπτη 31.1.2019

The symposium will examine types and modes of action of reference systems, models, archives and references of research-related design and design-related research in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. Which types of references are activated and dynamised in the processes of design and research? Where do they play a role within the research and/or design process and how do they contribute to design and knowledge? What relational structures and tensions arise between the found and the projective, between analogy, variation and new creation, and how can these be evalu-ated, communicated and conveyed in a transferable way? Last but not least it is about the relevance of the described reflexive handling of references in the context of high quality design of the human living environment. These questions are addressed equally to designers of architecture and landscape, urban planners, as well as artistic designers and theorists.

The focus is on topics ranging from guiding ideas, concepts and stabilizers, to actors, strategies and forms of work, to media and communication tools as well as cultural fields of meaning of design and transdisciplinary questions on forms of knowledge. The question of the characteristics and creative contexts of action and impact of references is particularly connected with the dimensions of `Reflex-ive Design´. This research agenda explicitly emphasizes the gain of knowledge as an inherent part of design processes, strengthens differentiation capabilities, generates specific knowledge about the re-search-related production of quality in architecture and landscape architecture and makes it accessible - within the disciplines and beyond. 

Lectures by international guests from academia and studio practice will contribute to gather prelim-inary findings, specify fundamental levels of understanding of various types of reference and their properties, and outline areas of possibility and research potential. Overarching aspects of the sym-posium will be further developed pragmatically and experimentally in discussions. In short lectures, dissertation projects will be presented and reflected in their academic context by a Peer Review. Each presentation can help to clarify the issues raised by highlighting and discussing insights - in addition to the content, questions and structure of the individual research - on the overarching topic `References´. In open and informal dialogues on topics and methods, a forum will be opened to the participants to present experiences, knowledge and question horizons, to evaluate and discuss them together and to network. 

Abstracts including own individual research objectives, methods and possible results which relate to the topic of the symposium (max. 500 words, German or English), supplemented by a short CV are to be submitted to m.buchert@igt-arch.uni-hannover.de by 22nd February 2019. A publication of selected papers is planned.

Peers: Prof. Dr. Christoph Grafe, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Prof. Dr. Angelika Schnell, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
Prof. ir. Paul Vermeulen, TU Delft (prov.)
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Weidinger, TU Berlin

The application fee is 40 Euros | Start: Th. 11th April 2018, 16 h | End: Sa. 13th April 2019, 13 h

For further information please contact:
Institute for History and Theory of Architecture | Architecture and Art of 20th/21st Centuries Section Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences | Leibniz Universität Hannover
Herrenhäuser Straße 8 | D-30419 Hannover | Fon +49.511.762.19537

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