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The Department teaches various theoretical and design courses focusing on an overall approach of architectural space, articulated in different scales, trying to combine abstract conceptual thinking with specific material results. Moreover, the Department focuses on methodological issues of design, aiming at a deeper understanding of the plurality of contemporary design philosophies and tools, in direct relation to the complex social, cultural and economic dimensions which affect the use and production of architectural space. Teaching and Research refer to the following Areas: Architectural space and communication / Painting and free hand drawing / plastic arts, geometrical representations of space / computer applications in architecture.
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Faculty Members

Konstantinos Associate Professor
George Associate Professor
Ioannis Associate Professor
Ifigenia Assistant Professor
Nina Assistant Professor
Dimitrios Associate Professor
Emmanouil Assistant Professor
Stavros Professor
Nikolaos - Ion Assistant Professor
Ioannis Professor
Theodora Associate Professor
Ariadni Professor