Nikolaos - Ion Terzoglou

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Assistant Professor
Τίτλοι σπουδών: 

Diploma of Architecture and Engineering  (2000) 

Diploma of Fine Arts: Painting (2009) 

Postgraduate Diploma (M. Sc.): Architecture: Design of Space. Course A: “Design – Space – Culture” (2001) 

Doctoral Diploma (Ph. D.): Theory and Philosophy of Architecture (2005) 

Ερευνητικά Ενδιαφέροντα: 

Conceptual History of Architectural Ideas, Philosophy of Architecture, Concepts and Theories of Space, Relations Between Architecture and Art, Architecture as Art


During the current academic year, this person is a tutor in the following courses:

Undergraduate Courses
5th Semester
  • Architectural Design 5_N: Integration of Public Building:
6th Semester
7th Semester
8th Semester
Postgraduate Programme "Architecture - Spatial Design" - Division A: "Architectural Design - Space - Culture"