The School's objective is students' education in the theory and practice of Architecture and space in general, focusing on both humanistic and technological issues. The graduate course lasts 10 semesters and leads to the acquisition of the Diploma degree of Architect Engineer, equivalent to a Master's degree.

Moreover, the School of Architecture co-ordinates three Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Courses ("Architectural Design - Space - Culture", "Urban and Regional Planning" and "Protection of Monuments, Sites and Complexes") and participates in another two. After a two-year course, these programmes lead to the acquisition of a Postgraduate Degree of Specialisation. Additionally, the School awards Doctoral Degrees to students who have completed their Thesis and have had a presence of at least three academic years in the School, doing original research.

Apart from the educational functions, part of School's activities focuses on scientific research of subjects related to its expertise.