Doctoral Studies

The School of Architecture does not offer a taught programme of doctorate studies. Ph.D is a degree conducted by research. The topics of the doctorate theses are chosen freely by the candidates and, prior to their acceptance, are checked as to whether they fall within the cognitive scope and broader aims of the School. In any case, the theses that are completed constitute a contribution to science and, directly and indirectly, an offering to society.

However, departments organise annual doctoral seminars, which include both invited lectures and presentation of work in progress by the doctorate students. In addition, departmental laboratories offer research support and make every effort to include doctorate candidates in research projects. The latter function is severely hit by the cuts in research funds.

The School announces publicly places for doctoral candidates, in accordance with the scope of the research foci and aims of its four departments. The particular topics are chosen by each candidate and evaluated according to a set of criteria and, mainly, a statement of intent. For each candidate accepted, a three-member Advisory Committee is appointed who follows the development of the dissertation and submits annual reports. Completion of the dissertation is testified by the submission of a final report by the Advisory Committee; it is then examined in public by a seven-member Examining Committee (which includes the Advisory members).

For more information, please contact the Office of Doctoral Studies and Research.