School Administration

Dean of Faculty

Dean of Architecture School
Athanasios Pagonis, Associate Professor,
(+30) 210 772 3871
(+30) 210 772 3872

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Dean's Office Secretary

School General Assembly

The supreme administrational unit is the School General Assembly. It consists of all faculty members of the School, as well as a representative from each class of the Special Educative Staff, the members of the Laboratory Teaching Staff and members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff.


School of Architecture Deanery Members

School's Dean
Athanasios Pagonis

Section Directors
Section 1 - Mattheos Papavasiliou
Section 2 - Maria Markou
Section 3 - Konstantinos Daflos
Section 4 - Miltiadis Katsaros

Faculty Members
Konstantina-Valentini Karvountzi
Konstantinos Serraos](/en/node/231)
Stavros Stavrides](/en/node/234)
Miltiadis Katsaros

Student Representatives
E. Karimali
N. Gogeli

Special Lab Staff representative
Stamatina Mikrou

Lab Teaching Staff representative
Theodoros Vagenas
Athanasios Kotsenos

Special Technical Laboratory Staff representatives
Alexandros Kalevras
Dimitrios Pantazis (substitute member)