Urban and Regional Planning

This option focuses on the study of space at different and interconnected scales, through a range of courses which cover areas of urban and regional theory and practice. It also starts with a brief orientation workshop at the beginning of each term, during which the teaching staff presents the courses offered. In the second semester of their study, students have to take a compulsory course on research and planning methodologies.

All other courses are electives, organised in five areas:

A. Dynamics of spatial development and planning, in different geographical scales from the local to the global.

B. Investigations into urban studies and planning, elaborating on contemporary mutations of ideas concerning the city and on different perspectives (anthropological, economic, cultural etc.)

C. Planning applications: Greece and Europe

D. Environmental parameters of planning, focusing on the complex relation of urban/ residential growth and environmental considerations in planning and design.

E. Development of skills in mapping and representation (GIS and Thematic Cartography)

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