Artistic Field Work and Public Space

5th Semester
Course Code: 
Elective Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. ΙΙΙ
Course Format: 
Theory - Exercise
Ώρες Διδασκαλίας: 
Δευτέρα 15.00-18.15, (Κτ. Τοσίτσα, αιθ. Τ400Α)

The Special Topics in Painting, 5th sem. (4108) “Artistic Field Work and Public Space” examines the public space through contemporary artistic practices based on field work, along with references to artworks which follow archival methodologies.
Students will explore a given public space, with individual freedom in their research approach (photographs, calendar reports, sketches, notes, videos, recordings, etc.) in order to form an archive of all their research documents and data.
The only mandatory process is to conduct interviews. With the presence, voice and statement of different persons, we seek an alternative understanding and the reconstruction of the given space; not just through the evidence of physical form, but also through the gaze and the voice of others. In the final stage of the course students will design a proposal for a public presentation of each personal archive, within the prescribed researched space. The context and the approach of this presentation will be decided by the students themselves who may choose between an exhibition, an installation, a performative action, an interactive walk, etc.
With their involvement in the activities of the space, their actions, their dialogues and the recordings of those, the students will appropriate research practices experienced in the field of the visual arts, in order to develop a personal technique of researching, which will be informed by both scientific and artistic methodologies.
Despite its apparent arbitrariness, this system of research is defined by clear terms, which will be elaborated during the course, in an attempt to enrich the study of the public space with alternative ways of thinking, based on an artistic vocabulary.