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Miltiadis Katsaros, 

Architect Engineer NTUA, MArch, c.UDes

Assistant Professor Dpt ΙV – Architectural Technology,

School of Architecture



  • Petros Kompilakos, Special Technical Laboratory Staff
  • Ioannis Timagenis, Architect Engineer, MSc Architectural & Environmental Acoustics, RIBA 2, RIBA 1 TCG | HELINA, PhD Candidate in Acoustics, School of Architecture


Legal Status:

Founding Act: PD 352/1974 (Government Gazette 138Α / 18.5.1974)

Affiliation with School of Architecture: ΦΕΚ808 / 1.3.1983


The Acoustics Laboratory Mission


Dated in the middle of the 20th century, our first-rate acoustics research and commercial facilities include the only Reverberation Chamber, the only Impact Noise Tower in Greece as well as two airborne noise suites all complying with the respective ISO Standards.

The acoustics laboratory of NTUA Architecture school is an integrated module of the architecture course. Its main mission is to bridge the intangible sound and vibration phenomena with the tangible everyday human senses through practical means, enriching in this way the students with architectural acoustic knowledge useful for their future professional career.

At the same time the Acoustics Lab has a rich and experienced research and certification activity, spreading across a wide variety of areas:

AREA A – Architectural Acoustics Research

  1. Acoustics & Architectural Design
  2. Acoustics & Architectural Technology-Material Analysis
  3. Acoustics & Construction Technology Applications
  4. Cymatics & Wave Mechanics on Buildings