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The Urban Planning Research Lab is the oldest Laboratory of the School of Architecture. It was founded in 1964. It was headed by its founder Professor Antonis Kriezis until 1968, Professor Athanasios Aravantinos from 1969 to 1994, Professor Georgios Sarigiannis from 1994 to 2007, Professor Polyxeni Kosmaki from 2007 to 2010 and Professor Dimitris N. Karydis from 2011 to 2015. Since 2016, the Director of the Lab is Professor Konstantinos Serraos.

In this long course, the Urban Planning Research Lab functioned as a research center with the aim of preparing model surveys on behalf of Public Institutions with impact that soon exceeded the limits of the School of Architecture. At a time when research on issues of interpretation of the production processes of the built space was poorly developed, the Urban Planning Research Lab introduced new, innovative directions, while training public executives.

At the same time, the cooperation of the Urban Planning Research Lab with bodies and organizations directly related to the Public Sector endowed respective decision-making centers with valuable suggestions and directions of interventions, which aimed at the improvement of the built environment. This category includes research projects that were completed before 1980, such as those for Epirus - Thessaly, Peloponnese, Andritsaina, Kalamata, Penteli and others, as well as the ‘Research of Urban Planning Standards’.

At the same time, the Urban Planning Research Lab is directly linked to the education offered by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning within the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens, providing data and research findings that are also used as educational material in the relevant courses.

Areas of activity

Urban Analysis (1): Analysis of the existing built space

Urban analysis (2): Economic and sociological dimensions of the urban environment

Urban planning (1): Feasibility studies of urban interventions

Urban planning (2): Regeneration studies of urban areas

Urban planning (3): Environmental design standards

Spatial analysis and spatial planning: Feasibility studies of interventions at the level of Municipality / Region, based on development standards