Maritime Space _ Urban Coastal Front _ Port Cities, A Collection of Texts on Spatial Planning

Panagiota Theodora
National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), School of Architecture, Urban Planning Research Lab
Έτος Έκδοσης: 

Indubitably the dramatic political, social and economic shifts particularly over the past twenty years have marked significant redevelopments in the structure and organization of land and maritime space and in the concepts of their development and their planning practices. We find ourselves at the start of a new age for the role of spatial planning in developmental policy, where there is an intense debate on defining new models for development and on the orientation of spatial policies.

Under exceptionally difficult conditions where, despite all intentions, economic growth remains the main concern, often without terms or criteria, and even at environmental, territorial and socio-economic cost, the issue: development for whom, where and on what terms remains open. In Greece decades-long unquestioning adoption of developmental models in conjunction with a methodically organized diminishment of the territorial dimension has undermined acquisitions which had been promoted for years as a prerequisite for life, re-introducing to the discussion the issue of how to plan the various levels and categories of land and sea, protecting the history and physiognomy of places, as well as ensuring local development in terms of social justice and sustainability in an intensely globalised environment.

In this framework of multiplex processes, this collection of texts on spatial planning seeks to make a contribution to the currently taking place discussion regarding "maritime space", "urban coastal front" and "port cities". Special categories of extreme importance for coastal insular countries, like Greece. Authors, all of them with an active role in spatial development and policy, highlight crucial management and planning issues based on their experience, combining theory and practice.


Book ISBN : 978-618-80734-6-3 and e-Book ISBN 978-618-80734-7-0.


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