“Research in Architecture: Architectural Design - Space - Culture”

This option focuses on research in Architecture, which it approaches through a number of steps gradually leading to the constitution of personal research paths by individual students. It starts with a preliminary 5-day orientation workshop in which the teaching staff presents in some detail all courses offered and the students start placing their interests in the given context. The workshop is followed by a compulsory course on methods in architectural research, which aims to support the process of preparing the postgraduate thesis.

The remaining courses are electives and are grouped in three main areas:

A. Investigating Architectural Knowledge in relation to the broader social production: the formation of methods for the investigation of the object of Architecture through the theoretical, historical and social approach.

B. An in-depth probe into Architectural Knowledge in relation to conceptual structures of organizing and administering knowledge: the systematic rendering of meaning onto the object of architecture with probes into objects of knowledge through gnosiotheory, understanding, typology, hermeneutics.

C. The Presentation of Architectural Knowledge through logical disciplines that structure space, like communication, information science, technology.

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