Daily Routes

6th Semester
Course Code: 
Elective Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. ΙΙΙ
Course Format: 
Theory - Exercise

The subject of the course, Special Topics in Painting, 6th sem. "Daily Routes" (4074) is the routes that that we repeat daily in the city.
The course examines the movements, the means of transportation, the landscapes, and the sounds of our daily journeys, in order to reconstruct their dynamics and restore the distinctiveness of an experience which, despite having a decisive influence on our relation to urban space, can become automated and its importance diminished due to repetition.
Experiments with a free choice of media (video, audio files, edited drawings, actions, notes, maps, calendar reports, photos, etc.) will compose a visual outcome, which will convey the personal experience of each student’s everyday route in the city. At the final stage of this work, students will be asked to propose a way of presenting their work in public, depicting their chosen artistic actions in relation to the streets which were defined by their initial chosen route.
The experimentations in the studio will encourage the study of the public space, through artistic practices found in contemporary visual arts and which focus on the particular conditions of movement and the simultaneous experience of being both an observer and a user.
Through artistic practices, the experimentations in the studio encourage the conception of a route as a concentrated whole which will be conveyed by the artwork, and the route’s reconsideration through the proposed public presentation.