Artistic Field Work and Public Space

Required lessons and Semester work, Omonoia Square

Κατηγορίες Ανακοίνωσης: 
Monday 08.10.2018


Nina Pappa, Associate Professor

Andreas Kalakallas, Dimitris Skourogiannis (Laboratory Teaching Staff)


 The Omonoia Square is supposed to be the center of the city. It is an historical square, its character changes dramatically throughout the day and it is connected to the everyday life of all who move in the core city.

After field research, including interviews  and other documents, like photographs, video, sounds, historical research, maps, etc the students will have to create an archive which will convey their personal look of the area. The final stage of the course is to design a presentation of their archive on the square.

Final portfolio:

1. Your personal archive.

2. A book that documents the process of your work and includes the following:

  • 1 page (min) about your practices of your field research.
  • Selected pieces of your personal archive.
  • Bibliographical notes, references to similar actions and anything that is connected to the way you examine Omonoia (sources: books, sites)
  • Your research: connections with other similar actions (sources: books, sites)
  • Sketches and processed images of your presentation.

3. A 3d model of your presentation

Videos and sound archives will be delivered in a cd.