Architectural Design 6-N: Small scale structures – Building, Space, Object

6th Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. Ι
Dept. ΙΙΙ
Dept. IV
Course Format: 
Design - Theory

Introduction to the exploration of the bidirectional relation between design and construction approached as a design synergy of gradual implementations up to the physical scale (1:1).


Course subjects are defined by the feasibility of investigating this relationship, in case-studies such as, in the design of objects and spaces, public or private, or in the design of small-scale buildings made of light-weight structures in an urban or natural environment.


Course development is focused on the technical aspects of architectural design, with an emphasis in the study of the bioclimatic / ecological properties of the constructions, the structural system, the methodology and standardization of the fabrication process, and in the design and morphology of architectural detailing.