Architectural Design 4: Housing complex

4th Semester
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Compulsory Course
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Dept. Ι
Dept. ΙΙΙ
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Design - Theory

Design of an environment of collective habitation or a multi-family housing complex. The project may be approached through the design of a new building, interventions in an existing complex, or a combination of both. Interpretation and reading of the site as part of a wider place, and analysis of the existing and the proposed ways of living. Examination of the notion of ‘typical user’ and the diversity of needs that can lead to different ways of dwelling. The proposed housing typologies may refer to alternative modes of organizing the housing complex, as in the case of social housing, affordable housing and co-housing. Typological approach: investigation of the combination and relationship of the possible types in forming building units. Exploration of the relationship of the entire proposal with the surrounding urban fabric. The design should tackle the problems that rise from the connections between the private, common and public space.