3rd Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. Ι
Dept. ΙΙΙ
Course Format: 
Design - Theory

Design of a small scale building. Application to dwelling.

Emphasis is placed on the following issues:

Integration of the building into the immediate surroundings of the city or the landscape. Formation of the open space as a unifying component and as a living space. Distinction of spaces in enclosed, semi-open and outdoor. Relationship of space and lifestyle. Similarities and contrasts of different lifestyles and their footprint in space. Typologies of dwelling and relation to the reality of the modern way of life. Private - public relationship and the diffusion of life into them. The gradation of privacy, the relationship between personal and communal spaces. Dwelling and the space of objects. Relationship between private space and objects. Observation, recording and evaluation of living areas and objects of everyday use. Materials and construction as integral form elements. Bioclimatic vision of the building shell and its adaptation to environmental conditions. Importance of the expression of the materiality of the building. Issues of choice of construction materials, their combination and their processing. In the general context of the course specifications and methodology, the gender perspective is introduced, incorporating the gender differences of the users in the formulation of the building program and in the design.