Building material technology

3rd Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. IV
Course Format: 
Theory - Exercise

Presentation and analysis of the main groups / categories of the building materials: Wood and wood-based products, Metals, Glass, Natural and Artificial stones, Mortars (clay, lime, gypsum, cement), Concrete, Thermal insulation, Sound-absorbing and Water-proofing materials and membranes. Their basic properties are presented (physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, behaviour in relation to water, sound, fire etc.), the production procedure and the relevant standards. Special emphasis is given on their use in architecture for structural and non-structural elements. The course is held in the Laboratory of Building Materials of the School of Architecture, with lectures, experiments (bending, compression, tension, impact, hardness, abrasion, water-absorption and water-permeability tests) and laboratory hands-on work with the participation of the students (production of concrete and earth based mortars and elements).