Artistic Field Work and Public Space

Final portfolio requirements

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Monday 18.1.2021

Special Topics in Perspective, 5th sem. 4230 –

Artistic Field Work and Public Space

Nina Pappa, Associate Professor

Final portfolio requirements:

1. The final form of your investigation of the place you investigated.

2. Documents of the process of your work and:

· 1 page (250 words) with a description of your research practices and your goal

· Documents of the process: notes– screenshots of your audio files or videos. etc

· Model of the presentation of your work with a digitally processed image, or a photographed 3D mock-up (if necessary), or sketches of your research’s final form in the space of the place you selected (if necessary)

· Important parts of your research as, i.e. transcripted interviews, photos, mind maps, notes, collages, drawings, etc. bibliographical research that refers to anything directly or indirectly related to what you are looking at, i.e. similar actions, social issues, texts or procedures in other fields, etc.

Each file should not exceed 10 MB

Good luck

Nina Pappa