Architectural survey : systematic survey of a bulding

4th Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. Ι
Course Format: 
Design - Theory

This course uses learning and building surveying techniques in recording, documenting, analyzing and interpreting, to enable the interpretation of specific examples of built work, as tangible expressions of design values related to the intentions of the architect, the historical context, as well as specific compositional and aesthetic values. Geometric representation is used as a means to capture the compositional values of a given architectural example, but also the way of construction and formulation of knowledge. This is a design course that examines buildings as architectural creations, aiming at sharpening the observation capabilities of students through the analysis of measurable features and conceptual structures. The course covers representative works of Greek architecture (from neoclassicism to modernism, including industrial-craft buildings) and involves on-site surveying and examination to enable the interpretation of specific architectural examples through their materials, textures, structural modes but also through their formal significance in the given context.