June exams 2019 (Teaching Group: N. Pappa- A. Kalakallas)

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Monday 20.5.2019

Painting Lab


Teaching Group: N. Pappa- A. Kalakallas

For the June exams, along with the exam, please deliver your  portfolio with at least 14 pieces of the following list of subjects:

  • 1 color wheel and the exercise of the complementary colors
  • 1 still life from the studio 35x50
  • 2 still lives from the studio 35x50
  • 4 still lives 35 x 50
  • 2 still lives 35 x 50
  • 1 piece with 5 frames of details
  • 1 piece of a composition made with black  –white and one primary color
  • 2 pieces: a study of an interior space with color and of the same space with black  –white and one primary color
  • 3 study-copies of 3 different photographs


Thank you

The teaching group